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A man looking under the hood of his vehicle

How Do I Reduce Wear and Tear on My Lexus?

Tips to Keep Your Lexus in Top Shape

When it comes to owning a luxury vehicle, it is important to keep it looking and running its best. From the moment you leave the dealership lot, depreciation is taking place. While some wear and tear is inevitable, there are ways to reduce this. This blog will go over some tips you can utilize to keep your Lexus from accumulating too much wear and tear.

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Person unscrewing a cap on a part under the hood of a vehicle

Cooler weather is in the air!

Get your vehicle ready for winter 2020

Fall is officially in full swing, and cooler weather temperatures have started to settle in. We cannot get over how quickly fall arrived. It feels like just yesterday we were getting ready for warm weather and being outside with friends and family. We wanted to give you a guide to help you get your vehicle ready for winter 2020. This list will include fluids you should check, items to have in your vehicle, and other general tips. Check it out!

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2020 Lexus UX parked outside

How can I de-winterize my Lexus vehicle for the Spring season?

How to prepare your Lexus vehicle for Spring

The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping. These are the first signs of Winter ending and Spring beginning. As car enthusiasts, we’re all itching to go for drives with our windows down and the wind in our hair. However, we have to make sure our vehicles are ready to go after the Winter season. Today, we will be teaching you how to prepare your Lexus vehicle for Spring. Keep reading for our tips. Read the rest of this entry >>

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Conventional oil vs. Synthetic oil 

You might ask yourself what the difference is between conventional and synthetic motor oil when you get an oil change. Or you might ask your mechanic. That’s probably the better choice. Anyway, what are the differences? On the surface, synthetic oil is almost always much more expensive. But why? What makes it pricier? Is it worth it? Keep reading to find out.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Why Buy Genuine Parts

Is there a reason to buy genuine auto parts?

Yes, there are several reasons to buy genuine Lexus auto parts for your Lexus vehicle, and we will tell you why below. You can order your genuine Lexus auto parts right here on our website, hover over “Service” at the top of our site to find the “Order Parts” form linked in the drop-down menu. All we need is some contact information and part information and we’ll have that in for you as soon as possible.

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