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What does it mean if a used car is L/Certified?

Benefits and reasons to choose a pre-owned, L/Certified vehicle 

You can find L/Certified, used Lexus cars here at Lexus of Tucson Automall. L/Certified vehicles are high-quality used Lexus vehicles that have been approved by our professionals. They come with a seal of approval and four other benefits. Keep reading below to learn what it means for a used car to be L/Certified. 

Four benefits of buying L/Certified by Lexus vehicles 

L/Certified vehicles are inspected for high quality 

You don’t want your used vehicle to have any hidden problems. That’s why every L/Certified Lexus vehicle is inspected for high quality. With a 161-point inspection, your L/Certified vehicle will be comprehensively examined for any issues. 

Do L/Certified vehicles come with a warranty? 

Your L/Certified vehicle will come with a warranty, just like a new vehicle. The warranty can last for up to two years. So, if your vehicle has any unexpected maintenance problems due to a manufacturing error, the cost of getting it fixed will be covered. 

Complimentary maintenance is available for L/Certified, used Lexus vehicles 

This deal may seem even better than a warranty, because it guarantees you free maintenance. Your L/Certified Lexus vehicle will get complimentary service on factory-recommended maintenance in the first two years of your ownership. Ask us about factory-recommended maintenance. 

How can I finance my L/Certified Lexus car? 

The last benefit that we are going to mention here is that you can work with Lexus Financial Services to finance your L/Certified vehicle. Lexus Financial Services will help you find a route that works best for you. Furthermore, they offer extra vehicle protection programs and more. 

Lexus L/Certified Pre-Owned: “Smart is The New Sexy” | Lexus video

This video from Lexus sums up many of the benefits of choosing an L/Certified, pre-owned Lexus vehicle. With a length under one minute, it won’t take much time out of your day. Check it out and come into our dealership to find L/Certified vehicles.